Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Posted: August 7, 2020 by Ashley McElveen

Ok girls! After much debate on if I would be sharing anything, the NSale got me! I couldn’t resist showing you all the good things that I found so I have tried to make it as user friendly and visually pleasing as possible! But first, let’s talk about a few key points regarding the sale!

When is the Sale?

If you are a cardmember you will be able to shop Early Access. When you login to your Nordstrom account, it will tell you which day will be the earliest you can shop. I am not a card holder so I will be shopping the 19th. If you are also not a card member and want to sign up, you will have Early Access for the current sale.

Wishlist is Key!

I am loving this wishlist feature! The wishlist will make it easier to keep up with what you are really interested in, especially on the day you have access to shop the sale. It will also help narrow down exactly what you want to get, as it will all be in one place.

I will be breaking my picks down into sections hopefully making it easier to navigate. I will also be updating each list regularly. As ALWAYS thank you for shopping through my links and supporting The Southern Peony!

TIP: If there is something you have really been wanting, do not wait until a bunch of items are in your cart to check out. Go ahead and order it while it is still in stock! Nordstrom offers FREE standard shipping on most items so purchasing individually will not affect anything.

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