Hearth Room Refresh with Home Centric

Posted: July 28, 2020 by Ashley McElveen

*This post is sponsored by Home Centric

I am so excited to share our hearth room after months of head-scratching on what to do with this space! First, let’s talk about what exactly is a hearth room? It is simply a room located near the kitchen that has a fireplace as the focal point. It is sometimes referred to as a keeping room. Both are designed to offer a casual place near the center of activity where the family can gather comfortably. Before my mom built the house we moved into my 8th-grade year, I had never heard of a hearth room. Fast forward to last June when my husband and I bought a home in my old neighborhood! Our new house was built a couple of years after the one I grew up in and by the same builder so that meant a hearth room of our very own! With the help of Home Centric, this room was truly transformed!

The Before

Let me just go ahead and show you what this room looked like the day we moved in and then just 1 month after. The first thing we changed was the boring and outdated wall color! I knew immediately this house would look so much brighter with a crisp clean white!

move in day

After fighting with the layout and what to do with Ellies toys, I knew this set up above was not “it”. I highly dislike shelves that show clutter and really wanted to figure out a better system and vibe for the hearth room. That is when Home Centric made my hearth room dreams come to life!

The After

If you haven’t heard of Home Centric, it is a store with all home and home décor essentials! Check their website to see if there you have one nearby (online shopping is not offered). We had them in Florida and when we moved back to Memphis I was so happy to discover they had recently opened a Home Centric close by. They have amazing deals on some amazing pieces! A fraction of the cost compared to what you would find at a big box store that’s for sure! I was able to find 3 accent tables, 2 throw pillows, 2 picture frames, a couple of faux potted plants, a large weaved basket, and wood lantern all for $300! WHAT?!? So much stuff for so little cost! I was shocked!

Along with partnering with Home Centric, I wanted to give our corner fireplace a little facelift before the big reveal! (Fireplace facelift blog post coming soon) Due to COVID, our little DIY took longer than expected but that’s ok! People, this room is FINALLY finished and ready to be shared with the world! Introducing A la Hearth Room!!

What a difference right?! For more home inspo and DIY projects, you can also find me on Instagram @thesouthernpeony.