Designer Dupes: Shoes & Accessories Edition

Posted: April 9, 2019 by Ashley McElveen

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My first dupe post is finally here! I’m pretty sure I mentioned months ago I would be sharing this with y’all but seeing as though that didn’t happen, better late than never right? Ok, so, let’s talk Designer dupes. I’ve never been the one to by designer “dupes”, until recently.  Ha! Funny story – as I was typing this I remembered something. When I was in middle school, my mom worked with a lady who was traveling to China and she asked if I wanted anything before they left. Of course my 13 year old self said – “uuhhh YES!?” Do y’all remember those black leather quilted Chanel bags everyone was carrying around? The one where the white CC was wrapped around the end of the bag? Yea – I told her I wanted that one! I’m over here shaking my head because I can picture how ridiculous I looked carrying that fake ass thing down my middle school hallways. I say it like that because it was clearly fake. It looked almost plastic. How many thirteen year-olds are carrying around an authentic Chanel bag?! But ok, ok back to the point of this post!

I want to start out by saying, to each their own on if you buy designer or designer “dupes”. I’ve had people message me asking “what is a dupe?” In my opinion   it can mean one of two things; A designer inspired item – or – a knock off. You see “dupes” all the time and probably don’t even notice. Many big brands are inspired by big name runway designers, and each season you see a more affordable version of that runway look hit the racks. A couple brands that come to mind who give the everyday woman what they only wished they could afford (including myself) are: Steve Madden and Target. I feel like they really pay attention to what is going to be “in” that season and deliver, which I LOVE!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this subject. Personally, there are certain items I would only buy name brand. If I can’t afford it, I don’t get it – or – I save up. If there is something on this list I’m sharing and I may not necessarily buy, doesn’t mean you feel the same way! I will break these up into multiple posts because there are too many good thing to share.  So let the sharing begin!

Taupe Handbag (ONE) This handbag is inspired by the designer Givenchy who makes fabulous bags! I love the overall structure of this handbag and that it comes in several colors at a fraction of the cost. This dupe has great reviews and is on my wish list.

Hermes Dupe (TWO) I’ve seen so many other bloggers rave about their Hermes dupe and it looks so cute layered with other arm candy. I don’t personally own this one but do keep going back to look at it! You can’t beat the dupe cost compared to its $650 authentic sister and it comes in several colors.

Chloé Backpack Dupe (THREE) Another beautiful bag that looks so much like the real deal. Comes in several colors and looks expensive without the Chloe price tag. There are plenty of pictures and reviews to go through if you want others opinions on the super stylish backpack purse!

Valentino Caged Flat Dupe (FOUR) Ok first off, I bought these and love them! They are not the most comfortable pair of shoes but sometimes you have the “only wear for a couple hours” kinda shoe. I think they are so freakin cute and honestly I may just have to wear them more to break them in. They look so much like the real Valentinos but cost way less. I get so many compliments when I wear these and will probably be buying another color as they have so many!

David Yurman Dupe (FIVE) One of my favorite Amazon purchases to date has been this David Yurman lookalike. This year I have made it a personal goal to start updating my jewelry collection and add more timeless pieces. I finally chunked my cheap “going out” college jewelry and am opting for more everyday jewelry! I’m pretty hard on my jewelry having a toddler and this has held up so nice with no tarnishing at all! Perfect for laying with other bracelets and my $18 Apple watch band I rave about!

Valentino Rockstud Heeled Sandals Dupe (SIX) This pair of shoes is also on my want list! I think these would be so cute with so many different outfits. Jeans and a cute top or with a pretty dress. You can’t go wrong with these! Especially when they look so much like the real deal!

Cartier Ring Dupe (SEVEN) I have seen so many share this exact dupe. such a pretty addition to you ring collection. Also its a good way to see if you would like the style on your hand before purchasing the authentic $1,200+ Cartier band.

David Yurman Chain Bracelet Dupe (EIGHT) Another favorite purchase here. I wear this almost every time I go anywhere. The mix of silver and gold makes it easily go with so much. I’ve had this bracelet for months and still is in great shape!

Chloé Dupe (NINE) Another bag in on my want list. this is such a pretty handbag and also a beautiful color for spring and summer. I also really love the other colors it comes in. This bag has great reviews and is a much more affordable option than the authentic Chloé.

Gucci Belt Dupe (TEN) The Gucci belt dupe is what got me started on the hunt for more dupes! I own 2-one in brown and one in black. These are a good buy if you don’t want to spend $450+ on the real one, if you don’t wear belts that often or because you cant bring yourself to spend that much on a belt! The thing with these dupes is they sell out fast and you have to find another seller. I try to keep the links updated but if you can’t find one in stock, let me know and I’ll find another for you!

Saint Laurent Dupe (ELEVEN) Last but certainly not least is this YSL dupe! I checked out the authentic one and they are pretty stinkin’ close. This is a good bag to carry on nights out or date night for sure. This one also comes in several colors and has great reviews.

OK! That’s a wrap on my first post of designer dupes! There are sooo many more to share but until my next post, be sure to check out all the other great finds below!

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